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Grand Majestic FX is a manufacturer of Professional Quality Streamers, Pro Fetti, Machines and other related paper products for the Entertainment Industry.

Marnie Styles vice president of Ultratec Special Effects and with 20 years of industry experience strategically opened Grand Majestic FX November 2019 in Huntsville, Alabama; to take over the manufacturing of the Pro Fetti, Streamers, Machines and all related paper products from Ultratec Special Effects. With this change allows Grand Majestic to focus and innovate to expand and increase the wide range of professional paper products to better service Live Events, Theme Parks, Music Festivals, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Tours, Concerts, Shows and much much more. It’s all about the WOW FACTOR that captivates your audience. Grand Majestic FX can help you achieve that!

Marnie Styles, President 256.427.4140

Email: marnie.styles@grandmajesticfx.com

Customer Service: 256.427.4136

Email: customer.service@grandmajesticfx.com

Jamie McDonald-Accounting

Email: accounting@grandmajesticfx.com

Accounting: 256.427.4139

Marnie Styles will remain an owner and vice president of Ultratec Special Effects.

Ultratec too will continue to focus and innovate the Pyro and Atmospheric products. Be sure to check out Ultratec’s products by clicking www.ultratecfx.com.

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