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Creating Moving Effects with Custom Streamers and Confetti.

Looking to create that WOW factor for your audience?

Grand Majestic FX is a manufacturer of Professional Quality Streamers, Confetti, Machines and other related products for the Entertainment Industry.


Cyclofetti Image

The Cyclofetti uses 18lbs of Co2 per minute @ 700 PSI to propel 4-5lbs of confetti into the air. With the Adjustable Bracket this unit can be located in the lighting rig, on the floor, or wherever it is best suited for the application. The Cyclofetti dimensions are 35” long by 18” wide and the weight is 50 lbs. It’s powered by either 120 or 240 Vac 50/60 Hz. This unique design makes the Cyclofetti a significant asset in any special effects equipment inventory.

Air Cannon

Air Cannon Image

This unit is triggered or activated by an electric valve from the Internal Air Tank Supply of 125 PSI-9 Bar. The Air Cannon is equipped with an Air Gauge. It will launch Pro Fetti or Cut Paper up to 50 ft/15 m and Streamers up to 80 ft/24 m For various effects this machine can be mounted to truss or used at stage level; the barrels can be positioned accordingly.The Air Cannon has a Double Barrel Configuration. The capacity of each barrel is 1.5 lbs/.68 kg of Pro Fetti or Cut Paper or up to 2.5 Streamer Sleeves.

Quick Shot

Quick Shot Image

The Quick Shot is a simple but very effective launcher for Streamers and Pro Fetti. It is equipped with a simple manual triggering mechanism allowing the user greater control of the effect. The Quick Shot does NOT require a lifting cup or back pressure cap. You will find this product to be very effective and affordable while maintaining quality.

Using a 16-gram CO2 Cartridge, you are able to launch these products to a height of 50´ (15 meters).

Pro Fetti

Profetti Image

Pro Fetti is 5/8-inch by 2-inch Rectangular Flame Retardant Tissue Paper or Metallic PVC strips. When launched, Pro Fetti spins and rotates slowly, creating an impressive "cascading waterfall" effect.Pro Fetti is available in different sizes of multi color, single color sizes and some specialty shapes.

Available in the following quantities and packages:

1lb Bag of Free Flow
10lb Bag of Free Flow
25lb Bag of Free Flow

Custom bag sizes available

1lb Stacked Paper
1lb Stacked Metallic PVC
Paper or Metallic PVC in a Sleeve


Streamers Image

Streamers are made with bright beautiful colors ½" Widex20´ Long. When launched, the streamers uncoil, creating a "cascading waterfall" effect.

They are available in Tissue Paper or Metallic PVC multi color or various single color sleeves


Consumables Image

CO2 Cartridges

There are 4 different sizes of threaded CO2 cartridges to choose from for the Quick Shot and the Pro Launcher.

8 Grams
16 Grams
25 Grams
38 Grams

Lifting Cups & Back Pressure Caps

Back Pressure Caps and Lifting Cups or Tethering Lifting Cup are available.

2" Lifting Cups-this device is positioned in the bottom of the Pro Launcher Barrel. The 2" Lifting Cup aids in the projection of the Pro Streamers and/or Pro Fetti once the CO2 cartridge has been pierced.

2" Back Pressure Caps-this device is positioned on the top of the Pro Launcher Barrel. For optimum use of the Back Pressure effect, a piece of tape should be used to secure the cap to the barrel.

2" Tethered Lifting Cup-this device can be used in the Pro Launcher instead of the disposable Lifting Cup. It is reusable for approximately 10 shots and then it should be replaced.

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